Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting ready for spring, doing another round of HhCG

Ohhhhh, it's snowy out...went sledding with my 6 little ones yesterday.

I was thinking about a few years ago, when I was at 220+, I never wanted to leave the house, maybe I would have sent my husband and kids out without me, ...not so much because I wanted to hide, but because I just really did not have the energy.  Mother's day usually sucked because I'd be all fat-feeling (and fat) from another winter spent fighting with my 'locked on' weight...sigh.

Now, at 140lbs, I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much more energized! And my clothes fit.  And I can wear layers without feeling ridiculous.  Life is good.

I did over-indulge last fall and through the holidays, and our scale was broken, so I did not weigh in, (yes, those are my excuses) and so I gained - I got up to 155, and on New Years, when my lovely neighbor C told me she was going to start the new year with a round of HhCG, I thought, oh yeah, that is a great idea!  - and started my own round about a week later.  Today is Feb 11, and I'm back in my size 8 pants already(!), though they are a bit tight still, I still have about 10 more days of spray left and I feel GLAD spring is coming, I know I'm gonna rock some cute outfits, but more importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time outdoors, keeping up with my kids!