Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting ready for spring, doing another round of HhCG

Ohhhhh, it's snowy out...went sledding with my 6 little ones yesterday.

I was thinking about a few years ago, when I was at 220+, I never wanted to leave the house, maybe I would have sent my husband and kids out without me, ...not so much because I wanted to hide, but because I just really did not have the energy.  Mother's day usually sucked because I'd be all fat-feeling (and fat) from another winter spent fighting with my 'locked on' weight...sigh.

Now, at 140lbs, I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much more energized! And my clothes fit.  And I can wear layers without feeling ridiculous.  Life is good.

I did over-indulge last fall and through the holidays, and our scale was broken, so I did not weigh in, (yes, those are my excuses) and so I gained - I got up to 155, and on New Years, when my lovely neighbor C told me she was going to start the new year with a round of HhCG, I thought, oh yeah, that is a great idea!  - and started my own round about a week later.  Today is Feb 11, and I'm back in my size 8 pants already(!), though they are a bit tight still, I still have about 10 more days of spray left and I feel GLAD spring is coming, I know I'm gonna rock some cute outfits, but more importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time outdoors, keeping up with my kids!


  1. Sure enjoy reading about your experiences, and feeling inspired by your triumphs! Are you still doing well? Noticed the last post was quite a while ago... Also love your russian dolla and the creative twist you have done with them!
    I am a mother of five, and can relate to many of the stories you have posted. Hope all is well, you have a great talent with your writing and your art, I hope you are still inpired and still creating!

  2. So enjoyable and inspiring!! I'm a mother of four and LOVE your blog. Hope all is well in your world! ;-)