What Is HCG?

A quick summary of my journey to this point: I am 42 45 yrs old,  5'5" tall and small-boned.  I have 5 7 wonderful kids and gained weight with each pregnancy.  I weighed 200 lbs before starting the Ketomist HhCG spray. 
I lost 65 pounds in 4 months.  I was not hungry, I felt great, I had more energy than I'd had in years and did I mention I was not hungry?
I have been maintaining my weight loss for over two months now (*edit: 4 years now!!!*).  Officially I'm in P4, or phase 4 of the program - which basically means I'm in 'the rest of my life' phase.  So far I'm doing great - but not without some ups and downs that have been great learning experiences I aim to share with y'all.

What is Ketomist? What is HhCG?

Ketomist is the homeopathic spray that I took 2x a day,  following Dr Simeons' protocol called 'Pounds & Inches'.   You can purchase it here.
Originally, in the 1940's through the 1960's, Dr Simeons used actual HCG hormone injections to treat his patients rapidly lose weight without experiencing the hunger that typically accompanies dieting.
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin - the hormone you produce while you are pregnant - (obviously only if you are a woman). The extra 'h' in HhCG means that this version is homeopathic.  Which means there is no actual hormone in the spray, just the 'vibration' or, the 'electronic fingerprint' of the hormone. 

Who is Dr Simeons?

He was a British doctor, who spent his life studying and using the HCG hormone and it's effect on weight and weight loss. He ran a clinic out of the Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, treating those patients who could afford to come and stay for the duration of his tratments - typically ranging from 26-50 days long.  I think this would be considered a 'spa' or a 'retreat' these days.  Dr Simeons died in 1970, but not before writing his 35 page manifesto that described his protocol .  He had gathered much insight during his 40 years of treating patients (70% were 'cured' of their fat), but regreted he could not thoroughly explain the science behind why his protocol worked.

But it does work.  Amazingly well.  If you follow Dr Simeons HCG protocol you WILL lose weight and be comfortable doing so.  Not hungry.  You never need to rely on willpower to power your way through the hunger. You are simply comfortable and eating 2 small, protocol-specific meals per day.

I did 2 full rounds (June-Oct 09) and ended around Halloween '2009 at 133 lbs LSW (Last Spray Weight) but accepted 135 as a comfortable enough weight to maintain.

At 135 lbs, I am now a happy size 8 (from size 'elastic') and I go to yoga class 2x a week, where I am strong.  I am my own proof that I did not lose muscle when I lost weight - because I am strong!

And, btw, I got an incalcuable amount of help on my weight loss journey from the support site that you have access to when you purchase the spay - it's very similar to Facebook - a gathering of thousands of people, but these people are all using this same product/spray and following the same protocol and sharing questions and advice and learning from each other.  It's a lovely and supportive and informative place to hang out.
I still frequent that site, and I am still learning.

You are welcome to follow my progress here as my journey continues, as I maintain my weight loss and 'weigh in' with the ideas and information that are helping me maintain and/or even drop some more weight -
My new goal is 125 lbs.

And, ask me anything. I will try to answer everyone.