Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher dead at 60 - what role did weight-loss pharmaceuticals play???


I'm so sad. Carrie Fisher died today, she was only 60. I loved C
arrie Fisher, especially as she aged, she seemed to grow ever more more fabulous, more accepting of her body, her life, her choices...she was outrageous and wonderful, her scorching honesty seemed palpable.  Did you see her one-woman autobiographical show 'Wishful Drinking'? There's short clips on Youtube but try and see the whole thing - it's worth your time (and possibly $9.99, lol). It's hilarious, and thoughtful and sad. And she is so wonderful, so funny, but clearly has been at battle with
her weight, her celebrity parents, her depression, her drug use and mental instability for like, ever. 

No stranger to pharmaceuticals, did she turn to 'weight-loss aids' to shed the weight to play Princess Leia again? It was clearly a 'lose the weight or lose the movie' kind of deal. 😣

Carrie Fisher spoke about the Star Wars franchise only wanting to hire 'only a portion' of her for the 2015 Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens':

"They don't want to hire all of me, only about three-quarters," she told Good Housekeeping last year.
"Nothing changes, it's an appearance-driven thing. I'm in a business where the only thing that matters is weight and appearance. That is so messed up. They might as well say get younger, because that's how easy it is."

This is why I talk about HhCG, because I understand being desperate to lose weight. Some people think surgery is the answer, other people turn to pharmaceuticals. Because when weight is locked on, the age old advice to "diet and exercise" does not work. If you are overly heavy, you know what I'm talking about. And just the fact that you are heavy - that's proof that your body is malfunctioning on a hormonal level. And the Dr Simeons protocol with the HhCG spray can fix that, can reset your metabolism and can give you the 'magic' transformation you are desperate for, without the strain on your heart that classic 'fat pills' (aka speed) are known to cause. When I shed my weight I used the TrimYou HhCG spray. I shed 65 lbs - basically lost a pound a day! - and never felt healthier or more energized, and there was no speeding and no surgery. Which I thank my lucky stars for every single day.

I don't know what she did to shed her weight. I have no idea if she had a doctor's supervision and prescription pad at her disposal or if it was Jenny Craig's pre-made meals were what finally worked for her (doubt it)(though she has been a JC spokesperson since 2011) but what I do know is eating clean while on Simeon's protocol with HhCG heals, and it doesn't hurt your heart.  

It hurts my heart she's gone. Gone too soon.

If you want to read more, this link has clips and more info. As I write this, not many have ventured to blame weight loss pills...but I just don't think she would have ruled that out, given her history - and doctors DO offer those pills as an option. Too bad it's an option that can kill you.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Free Vitamin D today from 12:30pm till 2:10pm here in Michigan.

Get it while the gettin's good - the last day for sun induced Vit D is coming fast - Sept 16th!

The times above are particular to Southfield, MI.
Check out your own latitude/longitude by entering in your information and clicking 'compute table'. Then scroll down to see what time the sun is above 50 degrees.
It needs to be at least 50 degrees above the horizon for the Ultraviolet B rays to be able to reach you and create Vit D on the surface of your skin.
Being in the sun outside of that window of time only exposes you to the harmful UVA rays, not the beneficial UVB.
Expose as much skin as you can, then, do not wash your skin with soap for 12 hours so the D can be absorbed.

Vitamin D is known to prevent/ and help recover from many illnesses and now is even being credited with fighting cancer!
So really, get out there people!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And then there were 7!

I'd like to introduce my 7th little one: Theodore John Robin Sousanis! Oh, babies!!!
6 months old now, and time for me to start losing the baby weight! (Again!)
(wearing him in my awesome new Didymos Baroque wrap, custom dyed by the Pink Willow Tree)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting ready for spring, doing another round of HhCG

Ohhhhh, it's snowy out...went sledding with my 6 little ones yesterday.

I was thinking about a few years ago, when I was at 220+, I never wanted to leave the house, maybe I would have sent my husband and kids out without me, ...not so much because I wanted to hide, but because I just really did not have the energy.  Mother's day usually sucked because I'd be all fat-feeling (and fat) from another winter spent fighting with my 'locked on' weight...sigh.

Now, at 140lbs, I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much more energized! And my clothes fit.  And I can wear layers without feeling ridiculous.  Life is good.

I did over-indulge last fall and through the holidays, and our scale was broken, so I did not weigh in, (yes, those are my excuses) and so I gained - I got up to 155, and on New Years, when my lovely neighbor C told me she was going to start the new year with a round of HhCG, I thought, oh yeah, that is a great idea!  - and started my own round about a week later.  Today is Feb 11, and I'm back in my size 8 pants already(!), though they are a bit tight still, I still have about 10 more days of spray left and I feel GLAD spring is coming, I know I'm gonna rock some cute outfits, but more importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time outdoors, keeping up with my kids!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why NO ONE should ever even consider Bariatric Surgery

Because food is not the enemy.
But if you have Bariatric Surgery, food will become your enemy.

If you are considering Bariatric Surgery, (surgically creating a tiny stomach) no doubt you ALREADY feel that food is your enemy.

That was me.  I regretted every morsel I ever ate because I kept getting fatter and could not lose an ounce, no matter what I tried - and I tried everything, except Bariatric Surgery - and I'm so thankful I never tried that!

Listen.  It's not your fault you are fat.  It's your hormones' fault.

If your hormones were working properly, your body would have used the food you ate as fuel.  Instead, your body stored it as fat.  Not your fault.  You feel you overate and 'deserve' to be fat?  Well, why did you overeat?  Because you were still hungry.  Hormones control hunger levels, not stomach size.  If you surgically shrink your stomach, your hunger will remain and then you will waste what's left of your now miserable life mashing and drinking tiny quantities of food, never eating normal food, never able to share normal meals with loved ones.

As Dr Simeons wrote in his 'Pounds & Inches'; "to accumulate...fat...is a very definite metabolic disorder...I have always held that overeating is the result of the disorder, not it's cause."

If you are fat, you have a metabolic, hormonal disorder.

WHY are your hormones working against you?  Some say 'metabolic disorder' can be traced to all the processed 'food' we eat, filled with chemicals, additives, and excess sugar.  But trying to stop eating that way cold turkey is difficult, as a lot of those chemicals and additives are not just unhealthy but actually addictive! 

With Dr Simeons' Protocol, you eat real food, food with only ONE ingredient (chicken, spinach, eggs, strawberries, etc), and with the help of the HhCG spray, you feel so much less hungry, you're able to break free of old bad eating habits like eating chips or drinking soda pop.  People joke that chips are addictive - well, check the label! If you see monosodium glutamate, then you are seeing an additive put there to make you finish the whole bag and crave more.  Or soda pop and 'juice', check for high fructose corn syrup, it's designed to make you crave more, buy more, and consume more!  

Following Dr Simeons Protocol you'll eat REAL food, and, using the HhCG spray, you can look forward to losing weight at an average of a pound per day(!), without being hungry(!!!), without exercising(!!!!) plus you can heal your metabolic disorder(!), and feel better than you have in years!  You will NOT need to exercise while you are losing weight - you can be a sedentary (or as active) as you are accustomed to being.

If you are really fat, you know exercise is out of the question, nearly impossible.  My knees ached just thinking about it and, at my fattest, I knew I would look pathetic, trying to jog down the street.  I was not in the mood to look pathetic.  I was in the mood to hide.   I probably would have considered Bariatric Surgery myself, if I had not found HhCG first.  I thank my lucky stars every single day that I found out about HhCG before any more of my life slipped away, and now, food is my friend!

Let me say that again: Food is my friend!
I'm not on a liquid diet, I eat really delicious food all the time!!! I cook my eggs in butter, with cheese, I add in a bit of salsa or fresh basil, I have toast and sausage and coffee loaded with cream - and that's only breakfast! Would you want to drink that breakfast in a smoothie?!!! Heck NO.  You will, if you have Bariatric Surgery.  Or you can have two bites before your surgically cinched stomach rejects the food and you throw it all up.  Good grief.

I eat SO WELL, I want to yell from the heavens: "You can too!!!"  (You can buy the same spray I used here.)

Last night my family went out to eat at a lovely Italian restaurant.  It was a warm summer evening and we were seated outside on the patio.   My youngest sister was visiting from New York.  (Yoga teacher, always been thin, very pretty, no children) She commented on my cute outfit and I had to smile - I felt like I looked just as cute as she always does, finally! -  I ordered a Salata Caprese  which is a whole plate of fresh mozzerella, layered with tomatoes and fresh basil, drizzled with olive oil and vinegar - and ate it all myself.  I also ordered a Ceasar salad topped with grilled chicken (the chicken was really tasty and moist, sooo delish) and I ate it all- including the dressing(!).  I also had several glasses of iced tea with lemon, that I sweetened with stevia that I'd brought along.  
Notice I had no desert.  Sweet (w/stevia) iced tea quenched my sweet tooth anyway and all the healthy fat in my meal had left me feeling deliciously sated and perfectly full.  
The children were reasonably well behaved and even adorable, my sister seemed charmed and my husband looked so handsome across the table, I could see he was proud of his brood - it was a meal worth remembering.  

In other words, I am 65 lbs less than I was just this past spring, and I love my life.  I am able to share wonderful meals with my family, whether we eat out, or in. I get to wear cute outfits, I enjoy my children more and we had a lovely time.  I do avoid sugar, because I know now that sugar messes with my metabolic hormones, but by that simple omission, I am able to eat like a queen and this morning, my weight had dropped 2 tenths of a pound.  Ha!  Take that, metabolic disorder!

I have friends online, on the TrimYou site and on the Protocol2Health site, all of whom are following Dr Simeons Protocol with the help of the HhCG spray, who have shed much more or less weight than I have, and many more who are in the midst of shedding.  I am so happy and proud of all of us, but I am so sad for those who don't know about this protocol and how they too can get the help they need to change their lives so quickly into the life that always felt out of reach, so I'm commited to writing this blog, to try and help get the word out.  

Please please PLEASE do not have surgery until you at least try Dr Simeons Protocol and the HhCG spray.  There is a whole community of people who can help you and I am just one of many who feel this is the BEST thing I ever did for myself and for my family as a result.
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!  Let me help.
All the best to you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My story thus far...with lots of pictures!

If you're new to this blog, let me introduce myself; 
Hi! My name is Autumn and I am a 43 yr old mother of 6, my eldest is 9 and my youngest is nearly 6 months old.  

I'm writing this blog for YOU, because if you have found this blog, you must be interested in the things I am here talking about (weight loss, HCG, pregnancy, family, motherhood, diabetes, and pathways to health and ultimate vitality)...and I'm writing this blog for ME, because I need somewhere to vent all this great information, because not everyone wants to listen to me talk about this subject as much as I want to...and I am motivated because If I can make these positive changes and shape my life into the life I want, then you can too!

I was terribly worried that I was following in my mother's footsteps in that I gained 60 lbs or more with each pregnancy and could not get the bulk of that weight off, no matter what I tried, and then gained more weight with the next pregnancy.  My mom never was able to lose her pregnancy weight gains. I saw myself following in her footsteps to a future of ill health, and for some time it seemed unavoidable.

Then, 2 yrs ago I discovered HCG and Dr Simeons Pounds and Inches Protocol, (actually using HhCG, the homeopathic version of the hormone) and was able to shed 65 lbs in 4 months.  For that spray go here.

It was life-changing in the best way. Through following that strict, healthy protocol of only eating certain wholesome and healthy foods while completely avoiding anything processed, or anything 'not on the list', I learned that my body was capable of burning off a pound of fat each day, and that my body was not broken, and that it was NOT MY FAULT that I was overweight.  I also learned that vitamins can actually work, that magnesium is vital to my body's ability to function properly, that unprocessed sea salt is very different from the pure white stuff, that we don't need to be afraid of salt, or of fat, and perhaps most importantly, that I was capable of creating a positive, transformative change with each and every accumulative step I took each day.

I also learned that the spray made my body exquisitely sensitive to certain foods and that even a small taste outside protocol could have big consequences, but that knowledge helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

On the website that supports the particular spray I use, I read hundreds of personal stories, and made new online friends by the dozen, with all of us going through the same transformation, all using the same protocol and spray - I learned so much, and was profoundly changed.

If you'd like to as me questions about this homeopathic HhCG spray, send me an email and I'll respond right away - just scroll down and look for the link with the blue hydrangea flower picture on the right hand side of this page ---->  You can also order it here.

After the birth of our 6th child I had another 50 pounds to lose, and by using the HhCG and following Simeons Protocol again, I have only 10 more pounds to go till I reach my goal.   It is SO empowering and exciting to know I have control over my weight; it is a real departure from the feeling of hopelessness that used to hang over me!  I think I actually enjoy my children more now, which is so sad really, because I did not know I was resenting them or blaming them for my inability to lose weight, but I must have been.

One big reason my weight was in 'locked-on' mode was because of the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Happily, I no longer feel like my pregnancy weight gains are 'locked on', because I have HhCG to 'unlock' my fat stores.

Another reason my weight was 'locked on' was due to eating too many sugars/starches and  avoiding fatty foods. Now I try to keep sugar and starchy carbs to an absolute minimum for me and my family. AND, I eat fatty foods!  All the time! Every meal, in fact! Ha! I feel absolutely devious and yet eating fats with your low carb/hign protein meals is the best way to feel sated and get your body into 'un-locked' mode.  It's a pretty delicious way to live too.

During Phase 3 I learned a lot about metabolic hormones such as insulin and ghrelin and adiponectin and leptin - all the known metabolic hormones (more is learned all the time so you need to stay tuned-in!) - and these days I'm reading about our medical community and issues that my mom is dealing with...I've only started reading about thyroid and iodine, inflammation and arthritis, and potentially devastating statins and how CoQ-10 can help...I read a LOT and I will include sources whenever it's applicable.

Dr Mercola's site and newsletters are filled with good natural health info; I'm always learning something there that leads me to new ideas and information - for example now I know when Nature offers up vitamin D and now I get my family outside to soak it up!  Before, I was doing it all wrong- sigh.  Before reading Dr Mercola's articles I usually had us outside at peak UVA times, which increases skin cancer risks(!) instead of peak UVB times which increases Vitamin D! -  Yikes.  Well, now I know. 

Mothering magazine is a great source for information and articles about parenting, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. I was sorry to see them go out of print, but their online archives are fantastic and founder Peggy O'Mara is still involved in making it a relevant and reliable source of good, solid and up to date information.

Pathways to Family Wellness, a printed magazine with an online presence, is another wonderful source of information about achieving natural health and vitality for everyone, with a focus on family.  Recently there were several articles on homebirth and interviews with midwife Ina May Gaskin that were just wonderful.  I discovered this wonderful magazine in a chiropractor's office.

I hope to help my mom to regain her health, and help my father-in-law avoid knee replacement surgery, help my kids grow up healthy and strong, help my husband and I to live in health and vitality forever, and really, I wish health and vitality for everyone(!)  

So, I'm writing this blog for YOU and me, because if I can make these changes and shape my life into the life I want, then you can too!
All the best to you!
Mom and Dad on their wedding day

Mom and Dad some 45 yrs later, before statins and before 'official' diabetes diagnosis

John and I on our wedding day
Mom and my 5th baby Lucy
Me and my 4th baby Olivia...
Me turning into my mother, standing with my slender sisters...(one of which was pregnant at the time, and still looked great, while I looked Big!)
Me and my family in 2002, before Mom's health crisis, before I had kids

Me now, with 6th baby Veronica, half-way back to my ideal weight - photo courtesy of 4 yr old Olivia

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Should we weigh in every single day?

This question, the question of whether or not to weigh in every day has come up a few times in my HhCG community over on Suzannes site: Protocol 2 Health.  And, well, NOT weighing every day does seem to help some people to keep their spirits up, and I 'get it', because I sure can get gloomy if the scale shows me a stall for several days - (Booo!)

However, weighing yourself every single day IS part of Dr Simeons protocol.  It's what he told us to do.
Why?  Well, I think because it keeps us on track, gives us accountability, and let's us know when there's a problem.

Just a few days ago I was shocked to see a +2.8 lb spike in my weight and if I had not been weighing every day I would not have known I had a serious problem in what I had eaten.  I would have no clue why on earth I only shed 1 lb this whole week, and would not have known there was anything wrong or that needed fixing.  It actually took me 3 days to figure it out, that I'd mistakenly eaten the kids's full fat cottage cheese. I only realized it when I opened their container and saw I'd portioned it out as if it was MY fat free container! Yikes.  So, it has taken about a week away from my 40-50 day shed to recover, but that's Ok, because now I FULLY realize the consequences of eating 1/2 a cup of full fat cottage cheese and can be EXTRA careful about checking which container I'm reaching for.  The same sort of thing happened when I was eating a wee bit of unsweetened baking chocolate, thinking I could sneak it in without consequences - but nope.  Good to know!

So, for me, I'm weighing in, like Dr Simeons suggests, at the same time every day, unless I totally forget and drink a bunch of tea first, which I've done too :), and then I just will wait till the next morning.  But there really is a reason and a purpose for everything he has as his protocol and I do best when I follow it to the letter.

Today I weigh 155, and I'm feeling good, but I'm already more than half-way though this round, so I don't want to lose ANY more days to slip-ups!  I'm really hoping to get a lot closer to my goal before the clock ticks down to phase 3, so wish me luck!

If you want to check out my true daily weigh-in, click here.

Happy shedding everyone!