Thursday, September 10, 2015

Free Vitamin D today from 12:30pm till 2:10pm here in Michigan.

Get it while the gettin's good - the last day for sun induced Vit D is coming fast - Sept 16th!

The times above are particular to Southfield, MI.
Check out your own latitude/longitude by entering in your information and clicking 'compute table'. Then scroll down to see what time the sun is above 50 degrees.
It needs to be at least 50 degrees above the horizon for the Ultraviolet B rays to be able to reach you and create Vit D on the surface of your skin.
Being in the sun outside of that window of time only exposes you to the harmful UVA rays, not the beneficial UVB.
Expose as much skin as you can, then, do not wash your skin with soap for 12 hours so the D can be absorbed.

Vitamin D is known to prevent/ and help recover from many illnesses and now is even being credited with fighting cancer!
So really, get out there people!

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