Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31, 2012 174 lbs

Howdy.  Here I am again, fat again. 174 at 5'5".
Yup, that's me last week, bringing in the cake for my 6 yr old's birthday.  Sorry it's blurry but if you think you're gonna see me standing still to get my picture taken - think again. No way.  More likely to get a shot of my rear as I hustle out of the frame. (Sheesh.) (Could be worse, but could be better!)
 It's my bodies fault, I can't seem to make a baby without making myself fat (see our new baby here) - I'm sure it's a hormonal thing - so, I'm trying to control my metabolic hormones with food, instead of with HhCG, for now, while the new baby is exclusively nursing.  Ok, so right now, since December 2011 I've been trying to follow Jorge Cruise's tenets: eat low low carbs, avoid sugars like the devil, and eat high protein and high fat.  But my weight is not dropping.  (Click to see my chart here.)  Alrighty.  So, I'm going to start tracking my foods on Fitday and then report back here with my calories - because I must be eating too many, or getting too many carbs or some such thing that I can't 'see' without getting more specific about it all.
Wish me luck! (and time and patience, and stamina, and health!  I need it!)  :D


  1. Ok So I've never had a kid and really can't relate (so you will probably roll your eyes at me) but SERIOUSLY, you have gorgeous children and a loving husband... I KNOW YOU WILL lose the weight, you have done it before and you are a ROCKSTAR! Don't be discouraged, you're going to get back down, I think you're gorgeous and I wish you all the time, patience, stamina, and health that you need to get back down down down!

    1. Aww gee whiz Hanners!!! Thank you!!! I know I'm just starting over and that everyone's gotta start somewhere - it just kinda blows that I hafta start OVER but I should be grateful I'm not BIGGER than I was last time and that I have about a 20 lb lead...I mean, I AM grateful, I am actually grateful for So much and all that you mention above!!! Thanks for your support!!! You ROCK! Thank you! :)