Monday, January 30, 2012

The new baby :) and the baby weight :(

So, hello again.  I am delighted to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Veronica!

She's lovely, sweet and reasonable for a baby! Really, she's delightful.  A gift.  I'm so happy. About her.
I am less happy to acknowledge the lingering baby weight that accompanied her gestation.  Sigh.  It seems that I cannot make a baby without making myself fat.  Ok.  Happily, my baby is healthy and jolly and breastfeeding like a champ, no formula, no pumping here, her weight keeps climbing and she's outgrowing all her clothes - yay! - ...but my weight is stable.  Ugh. Ok, not exactly 'stable' like a rock, but  looking over my chart, I can see I've been losing and gaining the same 5-6 pounds for about 2 months.  Baby Veronica is now nearly 3 months old and I've been trying to 'Jorge Cruise' my eating every single day for these past 2 months.  That basically means I've been keeping carbs, sugar and hidden sugar completely out of my diet and keeping protein and fat high.  I've not eaten candy, cookies, ice cream, pizza, potatoes, bread, mac-n-cheese, or milk.   I will lose a pound and then see it come creeping back for no reason I can understand.  SO Frustrating.

I'm waiting to start another round of Ketomist HhCG spray till baby is 6 months old, because then I will be introducing solid foods, and though I imagine my milk supply will remain just fine, like last time with 8 month old Baby Lucy (who is now a delightful, super healthy 2 yr old!), I just don't want to risk it with such a young baby who depends on me entirely and I do not want to be forced into having to supplement her diet with formula - not that I would be, but I just don't want to take that chance.

Ok, so, yay I have Ketomist to bail me out of this fix, but why-o-why isn't Jorge's method working for me???????????? My suspicion is that I'm nursing and my hormones have 'locked' the weight on.
I'm going to start blogging on here my day-by-day progress to see if I (or you) can figure it out.
Hope to see less of me soon, but for now, I'll be here, all 173.8 pounds of me. :/

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