Saturday, February 12, 2011

Come watch me...archives

P4 D75 02/12/2011 - 135.6 (-0.2) Wow. Happy. Keeping my carbs really low - by eating less fruit than I used to -Breakie: 3 eggs, cheese, 2 veggie sausage and 1 slice Eziekiel 4:9 bread w/butter(!) Lunch: 4% cottage cheese w/ greek yougurt/ground flax/shredded coconut/half a tangerine/cinnamon/7 almonds and stevia for a nice, filling lunch, Dinner: made my own mayonnaise yesterday, made a big chicken salad with 2 enormous heaping Tbsp's of it (w/celery, pecans and 1/4 of an apple)...had about 1/4 cup whipped cream w/stevia and cocoa powder (chocolate mousse!) for desert, because I still felt a bit hungry.  And as always, the whipped cream filled me up, did not overdo it, and shared the rest of the batch with the kids -who loved it! :D (3 kids were up in the night - so still did not get quality sleep - oh well.)
P4 D74 02/11/2011 - 135.8 (0.0) Yay!  Ate lots of low carb whatnot - grilled chicken salad w/shredded parm, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes dripping with oil but no bread :D Cottage cheese with greek yogurt is my fav go-to snack/small meal, I like it with stevia and cinnamon and grated coconut- Ate some almonds, not more than 22... Dinner was Chicken piccata with creamed spinach and onions.  Cream, butter and more cream and more butter.  Went to bed full - but not over-full - too bad baby won't sleep anymore - but no gain! Yay!!! But still, grumpy today.  I need more sleep than I've been getting lately. (feeling grumbly about the new look too - oh well.)
P4 D73 02/10/2011 - 135.8 (-0.4) Whoop-whoop! just really keeping my carbs down and eating VERY little fruit - but still having some fruit - 1/8 cup blueberries and 1/2 a date - lots of fats and proteins: cottage cheese and lunch meat and cheese sticks, eggs, coconut oil , shredded coconut, a carrot, tuna salad w/ celery - maybe 7 almonds all day - feeling good/better about this...
P4 D72 02/09/2011 - 136.2 (-1.4) Wow.  Ok, that was not a steak day, that was more water and sleep.  And more recovery from the uber-intense yoga class...People- I cannot stand tracking my food.  I apologize.  But I am just not good at it.  I keep forgeting to add items during my day and then I can't remember what I ate - I only know I am avoiding sugar and carbs as best I can, eating when hungry and stopping when full.  I take it one food label at a time/one meal at a time.  Last night I ate veggie kielbasa sausage and onions and orange and red peppers for dinner, sauteed in coconut oil.  It was delish and at 29g protein per link, I hoped it would balance the carbs in the onions and peppers - and looks like it did just that. :D
P4 D71 02/08/2011 - 137.6 (+.8) Ok WHAT?! I am certain I ate low carb and high protein and stopped when I was full, so I am kicking myself for not tracking it accurately - sorry self, sorry all - I will track today!  I am learning that this is not a simple in-vs-out equation, and that we are living organisms with many many processes happening all at once - and so I should not discount the crummy sleep I've been getting - Baby is teething and up every few hours and last night I barely slept...SO, maybe that's part of the complexity and conundrum - but whatEVER! Ok - to yoga!
P4 D70 02/07/2011 - 136.8 (-0.0) doing good maintaining, now need to drop some cals and shed a bit more
P4 D69 02/06/2011 - 136.8 (-0.0) more low carbs high protein and fat...breakfast: fried egg-in-a-hole with Ezekiel bread, veggie bacon, Lunch: cottage cheese, cinnamon, half an apple, peanut butter, 2 whole grain crackers, salami, cheese stick, Dinner: a steak w/side of creamed spinach and onions (yumm!), cheese, cheese sticks, 22 almonds
RESULT: maintained weight
P4 D68 02/05/2011 - 136.8 (-2.2) (3.6 over LSW) (yeeehaaawww!) making sure I eat some veggies today, ate when hungry, stopped when full, low carb, high protein and fat...
RESULT: exactly maintained weight
P4 D67 02/04/2011 - 138.0 (+0.2) (+4.8 over LSW)
Yikes. Ok, so today I would normally do a steak day, but I think this gain is really from my sore sore overly-yoga'd body and because I only got 4 hrs sleep last night (kicking myself -ouch!) and maybe because no bm? Anyhow, instead of steak day, today I'm just going to do better. Yes. But boy it sucks having to admit my mistakes on here and tell y'all about my new crummy weight. BUT, today is a new day, full of opportunity to do better. Onward!
Breakfast- (at breakfast time! Yay me!) 1 egg-in-the-hole (with Ezekiel 4:9 bread) cooked in combo of butter and coconut oil and 2 veggie sausage links.  Green tea and coffee with half and half.
Snack - 22 almonds
Lunch - 1 cup cottage cheese with 1/2 cup greek yogurt, w/cinnamon and stevia and 1 cheesestick wrapped in 1 serving of turkey breast w/mustard.
Snack - Pepper jack cheese stick and 2 slices of salami, and 11 more almonds.  And one date. And a Doppio Con Panna.
Dinner - 1 more heaping cup of cottage cheese, no yogurt, w/cinnamon and shredded coconut.  I did not eat any vegetables today? Really? That is not too smart - and repeating the cottage cheese? Oh dear.  I don't think I did do better after all.  Needed to go grocery shopping, but it's sooooo cold out and I'd have to have taken all the kids with me and the baby has a runny nose...oh well, tomorrow is a new day - I'm going to at least get some sleep. Night all!
RESULT: -2.2 loss (!) (probably sore muscle/water weight in there - but I'll take it!)
P4 D66 02/03/2011 -  137.8  (+0.6) went to yoga and skipped breakfast (!). Telling the truth here, keeping myself accountable is the plan.  Had lunch at the club, grilled chicken on baby spinach with sun-dried tomatoes, parmesean cheese and drenched in a canola oil/balsamic vinegrette. (Do not love canola oil, but it was what they had.) Also ate 1/4 of my kid's grilled cheese on whole wheat - because it was there, because I was still hungry, because it was not fried, but baked and because it was on whole wheat. Also because yoga class was really really hard and I felt like I had 'earned' those bites. (I promise not to rationalize too many more food choices! LOL)
Snack- 1 cheese stick wrapped in 2 slices of turkey breast and 1 slice salami.  Green tea. 11 almonds. Doppio Con Panna (yum yum yum)
Dinner- hard to calculate - a baked egg, cheese, Eziekiel 4:9 bread, broccoli and veggie-sausage dish - a casserole? Oh dear. Do not know how many calories/carbs, but I ate 1 serving and 1/2 a grapefruit and 2 Tbsp whipped cream for desert and felt sated. At least the kids liked it even if it messed me up.
RESULT: +.2 gain. :(
Possibly also retaining water - muscles are SO sore from that intense yoga class
P4 D65 02/02/2011 -  137.2  Breakfast 1 cup cottage cheese/half cup greek yogurt/1/4 of an apple/cinnamon/stevia/22 almonds/2 tbsp unsweetened organic shredded coconut. 1 cup Green tea with half and half, 1 Doppio (double shot espresso) Con (with) Panna (whipped cream) sweetened with stevia. Drinking water too.
Snack- 7 almonds and 1 slices colby jack cheese...then 2 slices hard salami...more tea
Lunch- ate when I was hungry - kinda late, spinach leaves and avocado and steak salad, sprinkled w/ sunflower seeds and tossed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing and 3 slices provolone cheese. Plus 14 (one serving) Trader Joe's Supper Seeded Tortilla chips! and tea, water...water, etc.
Snack- another 1/4 apple with 2 tbsp peanut butter. And another Doppio Con Panna. Mmmmmm.
Ok. Not hungry for dinner. Not at all. All that whipped cream maybe? According to fitday, I'm already at 2506 cals anyway! (fat 67%, protein 21% and carbs 11%)   *see below>>>>>>>
SO, I am skipped dinner. Honestly, was not hungry in the slightest.
Let's see what the scale has to say about all this tomorrow! (fingers crossed)
Finishing my day with a nice warm cup of Natural Calm, sweetened with stevia and the juice from 1/4 grapefruit.
Nightie-night all!
RESULT: +.6 lbs.
(writhing in remorse and feeling stoopid)
Lesson? 2506 calories 2763 calories is too many. (hahahahahahahaha- Duh.) (Even though I did it low carb and had no bread? OMGoodness, I now recall I ALSO ate 1/2 of my child's leftover 'Amy's Organic' bean and cheese burrito!!! that's at least an extra 200 cals AND it was, of course, wrapped in bread. Whole wheat bread, but I ALSO ate a date and forgot to record that as well - so what am I - nuts?!)
Um, so, I actually ate 2763 calories. Plus more sugar than I thought? Oops.

                        Fat: 63%    Carbs 16%      Protein: 21%
Ok I think I get it. Being too full to eat dinner indicated something in my day of eating was out of whack. Yesterday I ate lots of fats, trying to avoid feeling hungry, and it worked. Too well.  I already KNOW I do better eating 3 regular meals and 2 snacks. Eating fats, yes, but in moderation, and yesterday was not in moderation.  Ok okay okay.  Plus, I'd had lots of caffiene, which, in my experience, helps me delay eating - but then hunger hits too hard when the caffiene wears off and then I reach for an extra cheese stick or two...or three...(sigh). This is good - forcing me to really examine what I am doing. But puzzling because really, I WAS under 120g carbs for the day. Hmmm.
Ok. Onward.
A quick summary of my journey to this point: I am 42 yrs old,  5'5" tall and small boned and I weighed 200 lbs before starting the spray.  I did 2 full rounds (June-Oct 09) and ended @ Halloween at 133 lbs, but accepted 135 as a comfortable enough weight to maintain.
I have been able to maintain 135 pretty well, but my weight seems to want to creep up.  I do have steak days here and there when my weight gets to 137, or 138.  In truth I am rather sedentary, just doing housework and chasing kids is my main activity, although I do go to yoga 2x a week but I do not go for walks and I'm thinking I better start.
I have 'big theories' about why weight creeps up, and how to prevent that - but MY weight? Seems to want to creep up.  I am learning how to count carbs and sugars ala Jorge Cruise, and I also learned a lot with the 'Zone' books, and now I look forward to reading Why We Get Fat and What to do About It (looks like it will be a great read) but am still waiting for my Amazon order to arrive...
In the meantime, maybe I need a bit more accountability in my eating.
So here is a blog to keep me honest,
and to help me 'walk the talk'.

My plan? To avoid sugar (hidden or not) and to get back down 4 lbs to my real LSW (and maybe even lower?!)
by limiting carbs, concentrating on proteins but still eating vegetables and some small amount of fruit.  To count calories again, for a while, till I figure out what's going on. And to get more active.

Wish me luck! :)

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