Saturday, February 26, 2011

P4 D88

P4 D88 02/26/2011 - 136.8 (+1.4) Dang. And still no elimination. I don't get it. Yesterday I ate swiss chard(!), lean beef, eggs, cottage cheese, lots of spinach, 1/2 a bread, no sugar - and stopped eating at 7pm...really thought I'd see a drop this am...Ok. Going to add Natural Calm back into my routine...went for a walk plus did 40 min of Callanetics... and we'll see what tomorrow brings... 

I'm reading yet another interesting book: "Neanderthin" by Ray Audette...very very interesting....hmmmmm...
He's not a doctor or a scientist, but a guy who (clearly) spent about a zillion hours researching in medical libraries all the info that helped him to heal his body and eliminate his rheumatoid arthritis and dibetes.  I wonder if maybe he had celiac disease and didn't know it?) Originally published in 1999, it may be out of print now, surpassed by the 'Paleo diet' books, written by an overweight college professor.  (Check out his video.) (Sorry. I know I'm being a real jerk here but I want to know what works, not what you hypothesize might work.)  I looked into the paleo diet but after reading all the reviews that said to check out Neanderthin instead, I'm glad I did. 


  1. So, are you trying the Paleo diet then? What about dairy? I'm nearly doing Paleo, but with limited dairy. I feel healthy on it.

  2. YEAH!! I can follow you on here, have already linked to my blog!

  3. Hi Amanda! Sorry, that was confusing! I had a Paleo diet link at the top of the post by accident - now edited out.
    I'm not following the Paleo Diet really, OR the Neanderthin diet - what I AM eating mostly is P3a foods, dairy, and lots of veggies. Some fruit, some lentils and beans. I think an emphasis on veggies makes all the difference for me. And it's not too hard because I eat them in butter, or with cream sauce! Bwahahahahahaaaaa!!!