Sunday, February 20, 2011

P4 D83

P4 D83 02/20/2011 - 136.6 (+0.0) No shed but no gain either AND that's with about 6-8 Windmill cookies (they were broken, and hard to count) and 2 great big handfuls of almonds.  My reduced calorie day turned into a 'cheat day' after all that talk about cheat days.  Funny but true.  I've been very successfully avoiding most carbs, yet gaining weight. Now I'm thinking that was an oversimplified understanding and avoiding carbs made me extra sensitive to them! Oh well. Today I'm trying to just eat well. Wholesome yummy food. Pancakes (whole wheat/oatmeal/flaxmeal pancakes) with maple syrup for breakfast.  Salami w/ cheese for a snack, Broccoli with cheese sauce for another snack, (or maybe that was lunch?) 1/2 an apple with almonds, and planning a light but yummy dinner with veggies. Drinking more water than usual...Obviously not doing a steak day today - I've fallen off the wagon.  Sorry, Silvana. Maybe next week I'll try again.  For now, I'm going to try and eat @1400 calories and see what happens. :) (couldn't keep track, sorry)

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